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Updated: Nov 23, 2011

At Colorado Springs Central we believe all people matter to God and are infinitely loved by Him. We seek to create a safe and caring community where anyone can come and experience fellowship and acceptance in Jesus Christ. We are a church full of imperfect people seeking wholeness and healing in Jesus. We are sinners seeking God's grace so that we might live the abundant life Jesus promised. We believe that church is to be a house of prayer for all nations. As such we strive to create a culturally and ethnically diverse congregation.

Therefore, our differences are celebrated not just tolerated. We believe in the importance of family and children. Youth, young adults, and singles are also made to feel welcome. We believe that the local congregation should be a blessing to the community and seek practical ways to share the love of Jesus by volunteering in the community. Worship services should be life changing and vibrant, reflecting the diversity in the local body of Christ.

Our name incorporates the two major beliefs of our church. Seventh-day because we believe in the beauty of the Sabbath as a gift from God for man's restless body and spirit, and Adventist because we joyfully anticipate the return of Jesus some day soon! If you are looking for a safe place to come and grow in your walk with God we invite to check us out. We meet Saturday morning at 9:30 for Bible study and at 10:45 for worship. Or e-mail the pastor at pastormike2u@yahoo.com

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About Seventh-day Adventists

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